Enroute to Shanghai, China; Cruise Day 89

Other than to workout, we did not leave the room today.

The segment that just began has us running for many days next week. As such, we need to relax during these next two sea days.

Then comes two days in Shanghai, followed by overland for two days, staying in Xian in order to visit the Terracotta Warriors, and then another two days off the ship in Beijing, which is inland.

The weather was nasty today. It seems like this is a first on this trip, even though we went around Cape Horn. Certainly the weather was cold there, but apparently as good as it ever gets.

Interestingly, I heard a seasoned traveler complaining that we just haven’t had much rocking during the entire voyage. Experienced travelers enjoy rocking because it is like sleeping in a hammock.

This ship rides as well as any upon which I have travelled.

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