Hong Kong Bound

Finally, our winter trip has started. It seems like we have been waiting a year. Maybe that is because we booked it a year ago.
Because the flight departed from San Francisco about midnight, we had the opportunity to spend an evening with our friends Terye and Jacob Levy. We visited their lovely waterfront home in Foster City, a part of the Bay area that was new to us.
Jacob is still tearing them up selling commercial real estate. Terye is representing a sensational vodka brand called 360 Vodka, the world’s first eco-friendly liquor. After a heavy taste testing, we concluded that their chocolate vodka might be addicting.
Dinner was at Evvia in Palo Alto. It has a strong Greek influence and I highly recommend it. General Manager and Partner Panos Gogonas is always there and a perfect host.
There is a certain wonderful feel to these great local establishments which is not duplicated in the Las Vegas big hotels – even in their wonderful restaurants.
As usual the airport security line was a drag. Although we had an extremely short line for flying business or first class, they only had one row open. The Economy line looked like it would take an hour to clear.  However they had so many rows open and available, that they went through faster than we did. Our line sure looked good; it just didn’t move.

Flying on Cathay Pacific was the best. Our chairs/bed were big and comfortable with great touches such as fresh flowers. They even gave us pajamas from Shanghai Tang, one of our favorite stores. The magazines were sealed for cleanliness. Even the restrooms were (airplane) huge and cleaned after every use. Now that is service.
Trying to get right into the program, I had dim sum for breakfast.

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