Hong Kong Arrival

I knew I was arriving about 7:00 AM, and I did not want to risk waiting until 3 PM for check-in (after a 14-hour flight).  For the first time ever, I paid for the room for the previous night. It was the way to go.
Even though we felt quite rested (given that we slept most of the flight), we had no energy on day one, and stayed in all day and all night.
There was one exception. Allyn was able to drag herself to the tailor to have a suit made. She went to James Chen Custom Tailor here at the Mandarin Oriental, where we are staying.

That was yesterday. The picture is this morning when they brought it in for her first fitting. Tomorrow it is supposed to be finished. If not, they will fine-tune it and have it ready for our Tuesday departure.
Hong Kong is still the best place for tailored deluxe clothing. Shanghai and Vietnam are cheaper, but don’t quite have the same workmanship.

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