We had a great tour of Gambia today. Its population is 1,500,000 people.

Twice that many people were stolen/sold as slaves throughout their history.

Gambia achieved independence form Britain in 1965.

Starting out, we drove through the colorful market at Serekunda, the largest city here.

Most of the day was spent at Mama Africa, a gallery owned by a world-renowned female artist, Isha Fofana.

She prepared an elegant luncheon, then we saw amazing African rhythmic dancing.

Allyn fell in love with the 21string harp-lute type instrument called a kora (only made in West Africa).

It is made of half of a calabash, covered with cow skin, and uses guts as strings.

She actually bought one and is bringing it home.  

I imagine that it will be the first one in Las Vegas. 

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