Ft Worth, TX (2021)

It seems like people we know head to Dallas when they come to the DWF area. So, we thought it would be fun to head to Ft Worth. Their famous cattle drive right down the street was the primary impetus.

It is no surprise that the Fort Worth Stockyards Historic District is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The entire neighborhood is so fun. Even the restaurants are authentic.

In this Ft Worth neighborhood on Nov 22, 1963, President Kennedy gave his final public speeches.

As usual Allyn found time for a courthouse visit.

The Ft Worth Water Gardens is a surprisingly relaxing urban park in the middle of quite a drab area.



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  1. Betsy Rosenberg says:

    Welcome to Texas!

  2. Debby Bobbitt says:

    OKAY Allyn what famous movie was filmed in the Ft Worth Water Gardens???

  3. James M Kasper says:

    Love seeing you and your travels. JIm Kasper

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