Enroute to Sydney, Australia; Cruise Day 57

Today was the last full day of Segment Three of our eight segment World Cruise.
As always, it was a day and evening full of goodbyes, card exchanges, promises to keep in touch, etc. Of course this only applies to the “segmentors” as no World Cruisers are leaving. There is (kind of) a snob aura at times with World Cruisers.
Also as usual, we met a few couples that we will see again (on purpose) in the future. When we finish our voyage in Vancouver, we are actually staying overnight, and spending the day with a delightful couple we met on our last long cruise. They have previously visited us in Las Vegas.
Allyn and I did our normal walk through the halls, just as groundhogs do on their day. We took a look at the baggage ready to be picked up, and agreed we are happy to be continuing on.

That is the litmus test that we are not ready to go home yet. But then again, we are only 57 days into the adventure (not quite half way yet).

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