Enroute to Komodo Island, Indonesia; Cruise Day 68

Today we have been cruising in The Timor Sea, having left Australia and on our way to Indonesia.
We did things in twos today. We had two workouts, watched two lectures, and played two sets of games.
We spent the evening with Rhonda Burchmore, an entertainer on-board for this segment. If you lived in Australia,  you would know her. I don’t, so I didn’t.

Allyn thought she was a nice lady in exercise class, and they became friendly. Rhonda is actually quite famous, having been Australia’s female performer of the year, and acted in main roles in London and New York.
I got a first grader’s education about Indonesia today. Sometimes I know so little about places we visit, that I embarrass myself.
Here are some Indonesian facts that I did not know yesterday:
·     It is the forth most populous country in the world.

·     It is in both Asia and Oceana.

·     It is comprised of over 17,000 islands.

·     More Muslims live here than in any other country.

·     It actually took the Japanese invasion during WW II to get rid of Dutch occupation.

·     They have major political, economic, and social problems, but it is doing better than previously.

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