Dinner with Super Stars at Chart House, Honolulu


What a fun night. Somehow we were invited to a dinner for 10, celebrating two birthdays. Every person (except us) was a bona fide super star in his field. We had two academy award winners, the owner of the biggest/best restaurant in Orange County, CA, the world’s most famous surfboard maker (the only famous one?) and Chart House owners Yana Deaton and her husband, surfer legend, Joey Cabell



Years ago Cabell founded Chart House Restaurants, sold the rest of them off where they became another mediocre/ok public restaurant chain. He kept the one in Honolulu, which he opened in 1968 and it has been famous and fabulous ever since.



Even if you forget about the food (which you can’t), the ambiance and service make it all worthwhile.



Of course there is no way Allyn wouldn’t be lighting her Hanukkah candles, even there. We just brought along our menorah.

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