Crystal Serenity 2014 World Cruise Review

How was this year’s World Cruise? – The BEST yet!

It was like going to your favorite summer camp with the addition of being spoiled with unrelenting luxury.  The experience of traveling for three months with the same people offers an intimacy not usually found in daily life. And while cruising in general has become very popular, Crystal just does it better than the rest.

World cruisers discuss the concept of whether the PORT visited or the SHIP ITSELF is the ultimate destination. Half our days were at sea and Crystal made the ship the ultimate destination.  No higher compliment can be given to a cruise line.

Besides just hanging out (an important activity) there is fitness, yoga, pilates, trivia, scrabble, piano lessons, many levels/types of computer lessons with university credits, dancing and instruction, bridge and lessons, knitting, needlepoint, and memoir writing every single sea day.

Did I mention fun?

Additionally, every sea day includes a number of lectures ranging from port information, current events, physical issues, general information to celebrity talks and first run movies with warm popcorn! We had real ambassadors, generals, POWs, Olympic champions, and experts on a vast range of subjects.

Every single night has much varied entertainment.

Where else would I be able to meet and eat with Hank Aaron?

Did I mention food?  As you know, I LOVE my food. Though not needed, they are always happy to customize meals and preparations. I asked for a favorite salad once and it was there nightly waiting just in case I wanted it. Whatever can be done for a guest, will be done.




Of course popping by many cities in 15 countries including Japan, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Mauritius, South Africa, Namibia, Ghana, Senegal, Morocco, Portugal and the UK is not too shabby either.

We love our travel experience on Crystal so much, we are going to make ourselves available by hosting our cruises for those who may want to join for some or all of where we go. Details will follow shortly.


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