My preferred method of vacationing is cruising. I like the floating hotel concept, as it is possible to visit many places without packing, unpacking, and all the wasted time and effort getting from one hotel to another. These days it is even a bigger deal because of all of the airport hassles and delays.

I have been on 64 cruises, 33 ships and 16 cruise lines. All but two were in the last 20 years. I will be speaking in depth over time as to which ones are best for whom. I will tell you my favorites and why they are so.

During the last several years, I have booked all of my cruises through Deborah Walsh who owns Cruises Worldwide, I recommend her highly.

As in many industries, small travel agencies sell their small size as an advantage because of things like personal service. On the other hand, large travel agencies also sell their size as an advantage, because they have clout. The best thing about Deborah is that she has both. Coupled with her attitude and ability to perform makes her a natural.

Let me explain. Deborah’s business is small, and you will get her personal attention. Virtually all of her business is cruise business, and all of it is with the luxury lines. She is important to them (and is an extremely likeable person).

Additionally Deborah is a member of Ensemble Travel Group which is a group of agencies that have tremendous buying power, and are able to provide VIP perks regularly.

Use her and you will be happy.

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