Cannes, France 2018

This is the daytime view from our hotel room. 

Cannes has many similarities to Saint-Tropez. They both are on the French Riviera, are all about sun, beaches, shopping, eating and fancy people and are too crowded in July and August. Cannes is bigger but Saint-Tropez is equally as crowded.

Right on the Pier at the Marina is Gaston Gastonette, a famous, casual, good fish restaurant that I have patronized for years.

Nothing says great Cannes seafood like Astoux & Brun. They are right there opening up oysters on the corner. The place is jammed every night by 7 o’clock and they don’t take reservations. The food is terrific; the place is fun, and the prices are reasonable. We seem to always strike up fun conversations at these outdoor places.
Six times during the summer there is a huge sophisticated fireworks (with music) contest enjoyed by 200,000 people each time. Hours before people line the beach in anticipation.
We watch them from our hotel room window. Never have I seen such pyrotechnics as here. They get better every year.

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