Borgata Hotel and Casino, Atlantic City, NJ

This week we have been visiting Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City.  Annually they have one of the best poker tournaments in the country, the Borgata Poker Open.

It gets a giant turnout and is very well run. It is so big that it is held in their Events Center. Their regular poker room has what players need and want – good tables, chairs and lighting, plenty of space per player, floor people who make proper decisions, a good selection of games, and many recreational players who enjoy playing with the pros.

                      Michael Mina’s signature dish – Two-pound Maine Lobster Pot Pie

And for us foodies, the restaurants are amazing. For fine dining, imagine these under one roof – celebrity chef restaurants by Wolfgang Puck, Bobby Flay, Michael Mina, and Stephen Kalt. Add to that list an Old Homestead Steakhouse, and an excellent Japanese restaurant.


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