Beijing, China; Cruise Day 96

A wonderful morning was had by all today in Beijing.

First stop was the Forbidden City. Ironically, when we were here 18 months ago, it was a national holiday just like today. As elsewhere, Chinese people love to travel and they all seemed to be in Beijing today.

In fact no less than 10 times, Allyn and I stopped to take photos with people. I guess they wanted to show that when you travel, you could meet white folks.

Then we went to Tiananmen Square. Note how the Chinese kids often don’t wear diapers. They are like dogs and the parents run around picking up their pop (as if they were cleaning up after their dogs).

We had a photo op at the Olympic area.

Then came lunch and the three-hour ride back to the ship. It was great how they met us with the red carpet, wet towels, and drinks (with the band playing).

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