Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and probably the most romantic. It is an entire city of about 250,000 with no cars. It is a group of 118 islands that are very close and connected by about 400 foot bridges.

The canals are the roads comprising the transportation that is not by foot.

These days Venice is a haven for cruises. If you are one of the lucky ones to arrive via cruise ship, you must get up at any hour (even dawn) to enjoy the spectacular arrival. The approach to this port is one of the most spectacular in the world rivaling other favorites such as New York, Hong Kong, Cape Town, and Sydney.

Regardless of how you arrive, take public transportation, the waterbus called vaporetto, either just for a ride or to go from one sight to another.

As far as sights go, you don’t need me for the specifics. However I strongly recommend that you walk all over town and don’t worry about getting lost. You will get back.

For those of you travelling with your lover, you MUST take a gondola ride. It epitomizes Venice.

Best travel months for Venice are June, July and September. August is wall to wall people.


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