Bamboo Socks

Looking for workout socks, Allyn bought some at Cariloha in Grand Cayman. The interesting part is that all of their merchandise is made from bamboo. That’s right, bamboo.

Its softness compares to silk and cashmere for a fraction of the price. It is way softer than cotton.

It is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer because of its naturally thermal regulating traits.  

Being non-irritating, it is allergy reduced. It absorbs moisture, is breathable, anti-bacterial (less odor) and has UV protection.

And it is GREEN, as in environmentally friendly. Bamboo grows fast with little water. It sucks in tremendous carbon dioxide and spits out oxygen (that gives us clean air).

It cleans destroyed land, doesn’t need pesticides, completely regenerates itself without replanting and is harvestable annually because it grows so fast.

And to top it off it is 100% biodegradable.

Who knew?

The cost is about the same as cotton.


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