Bali, Indonesia 2016


Today’s blog is written by Allyn Shulman (because Barry didn’t want to get up so early).  



In beautiful Bali, we visited the ancient Royal Court of Justice and the holiest temple on the island, Temple Besakih.


Set is a courtyard of lovely ponds and gardens, the former Royal Court of Justice in Bali (Kerta Gosa) was built in 1710. 




Inside the open air courthouse, there sits an elaborate table with six chairs where judgment took place.



Adorning the ceiling is an elaborately decorated array of Wayang style paintings depicting good vs. evil.



The above woman was childless and her punishment will be to remain in hell for all eternity with a disgusting caterpillar sucking on her breast.  Ew.




Commit adultery and your coochie will burn for all eternity!




You can just imagine what these criminals did!





Then we visited holiest temple on the island Besakih Temple located on the volcanic Mount Agung.  It is actually a conglomeration of 22 temples about 1000 meters high overlooking rice paddies and beautiful mountains. The temple was built before 1000 AD.



For the Balinese, rice is honored as it is viewed as a gift from the g-ds.





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