Atlanta, GA (2021)

Atlanta is the ninth most populated metropolis in the U.S. and the tenth largest economic center. With all the modern high-rises and familiar named office buildings it looks and feels like a Northern city plunked down in the South.

We drove all over town. Our first stop was for lunch at the world-famous Varsity. They claim to be the world’s largest drive-in, can seat 800 diners inside, and have been at these two blocks since 1928.

We toured the world of Coca-Cola. Coke is a very big deal here. Way back in the day it was dispensed in pharmacies with one part coke syrup and five parts carbonated water.

Driving around the entire city we viewed houses of all sizes, shapes and conditions. This one, in Tuxedo Park, was one of my favorites.  It belonged to Kenny Rogers at one time.

Not every day needs to be filled with sightseeing. This afternoon we took a nice loop around this lake near our RV Park.

And often the best evenings are just staying “at home”. This is one of the great advantages of touring in an RV.


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