At Sea in Brazil; Cruise Day 11

Today, we had a poultry festival luncheon near the pool. The artistry was better than the food.

We’ve been without Internet for 30 hours now. The antenna on the ship is in a place where periodically the funnel blocks the signal. Smart. I am not a happy camper without my access.

A hurricane expert spoke today. As I, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that they are dangerous, and to evacuate when commanded. Hurricane parties are dumb.

He had one good anecdote about a lady who pleaded insanity after killing her husband, because of trauma from encountering a hurricane. Then it turned out she killed two others previously.

Here’s a good one. Reception called and said they had my phone. (You may recall we knew it never got onboard and we have ordered a new one that will arrive tomorrow).

They tell me that they have had it since Ft. Lauderdale, because it was turned in at the port. They assumed it was not mine for reasons unknown to me. Just now, 11 days later,  they charged it up and saw my name in the phone. Oh well.

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