Today we moored at Marina Baie des Anges which is located between Nice and Antibes. According to their website it is the prettiest port on the French Riviera. According to others the concrete apartments here are an eyesore.

From a distance, the four pyramid-shaped huge apartment complexes offend the eye. Surprisingly, as we approached the Marina and then disembarked, the area was quite nice indeed.

The marina area is definitely lovely, surrounded by clean peaceful restaurants, bars and cute stores. I don’t find the apartments architecturally ugly, up close, but then I like big cities with big skyscrapers. Certainly everything is new here, which always helps.

Fact – All the way from the Italian border to Cannes the beach is rock, not sand.

That is not my idea of a good time.

Fact – The city of Nice sits on le Baie des Anges (Bay of Angels). It is so named because of the angel sharks that inhabit its waters and “protected” the denizens of Nice from pirates, back in the day.

Antibes – Tonight we went to Antibes to check things out. Like many other European spots, they have several blocks blocked off which really makes it nice for pedestrians. I highly recommend spending an afternoon or evening there.

Antibes restaurant recommendation – Michelangelo

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