Amtrak Denver to Reno, 2023

Last time I overnight on a train was 57 years ago (Seattle – Sun Valley). Allyn never has, so we decided to give it a try.

24 hours on Amtrak seemed to make sense from Denver to Reno as it is one of the most scenic USA routes.

We stayed at the Crawford Hotel located exactly in Denver’s famed Union Station. It was the tallest building in the West when it opened in 1881. The hotel was nice, not elegant. The location and ambiance were the best.

We boarded the train on time and found our bedroom immediately.  The bedroom is cute and the top accommodation on this train.

To put this room in perspective, we checked our two bags downstairs as they really did not fit! With our fancy accommodations we have a toilet and shower, making us special. They are together, yet functional. Just don’t press the wrong button while on the toilet and have the shower start raining on your head.

We had such a peaceful day. We passed Winter Park Ski Resort which just opened for the season two days ago. Just 67 miles from Denver, Winter Park is the closest major mountain destination to it. Yet its altitude is 9,100 feet at the base.

The seemingly constant winding river was so peaceful for our chill day.

And the rocks that shot straight up from the side of the train were amazing

I found the photo at Natural Born Vagabond on the web. It would be tough to get that shot from inside the train. It really put the scenery in perspective.

When the beds were set up for the evening, our bedroom was even more compact. Maybe a bit too compact.

All in all, it was a pleasant experience for a one off. If we were to do Amtrak again, it would also be for just one night and we would get two connected bedrooms to have more space.

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  1. Howard Schlesinger says:

    Renee and I did a train ride from Toronto – Vancouver through the Canadian rockies, 5 days. Your views are much better.
    Whoever was in the top buck, did they hit their head.

  2. Kristin Finnegan says:

    10 years ago we took The Canadian x-c all the way from Vancouver BC to Montreal (two off train overnights – Jasper & Toronto). It was a once off trip too, as first class is still teensy. Glad we did it, tho – Boy, the Canadian grasslands are immense! Makes Crystal experiences even more appreciated!

  3. Wendy Wolff says:

    The accommodations looked “cozy“ to say the least! Still, the scenery was magnificent!

  4. Elaine Berkson says:

    Really enjoyed your train trip. Hope you loved it too even though it was on the small size. Loved all of your trips & many thanks for sharing them all with me. Elaine

  5. Elaine Berkson says:

    Sorry that the accommodations were small but hope you enjoyed the wonderful trip. It looked great to me. Many thanks for sharing all your trips with me. Love them all. Continue having a perfect time. Elaine

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