Amsterdam, Netherlands 2019

Since we have done extensive Amsterdam touring over the years, we decided to take it easy today and mainly enjoy its loveliness.
Our one major sightseeing event was at The Hermitage Museum. It was ok but, in my opinion, not nearly as compelling as The Van Gogh or The Rijksmuseum. I was interested because it was connected with The Hermitage in St. Petersburg.
The Romanov portrait tableware, although gorgeous from the early 20th century shows how tastes were determined by the royal elite. That certainly changed. 50 years later the same factory was making Suprematist porcelain.
Although not at all a political commentary, we find the old stuff way more elegant.
Allyn got a kick out of the malachite table they had on display because it looks so much like ours at home.
We like ours better.
My favorite was 3Three Guys Pissing. (That is my name for it. I don’t know the real name. Maybe it is Four Guys Pissing).

Most of our time was spent out and about in their beautiful waterways. Some call Amsterdam The Venice of the North because of its 1500 bridges and beautiful architecture.
Some of the houses can’t decide whether to lean left or right.
Amsterdam is known for its 2,500 houseboats. FYI many can be rented via airbnb.
Since the houses are so narrow furniture cannot be carried up from the inside. In fact even walking up is a chore. Therefore hooks are installed on the outside to hoist things up.
Amongst all the beauty, it was chilling and important to cruise by the Anne Frank House so that we don’t forget out history.

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