Alghero, Sardinia; Italy

Today we visited Alghero, a town of 42,000 on the coast in northwest Sardinia — quite a large island in the middle of the Mediterranean.
We opted just to stroll around for a couple hours and returned to the ship.
We did make a couple good scores though. Yesterday I noticed that somehow I had none of my Vytorin (cholesterol pills). I was not very happy with myself. Today we walked in to a pharmacy and were able to buy some. I’m not sure how the system works here.

A lady with a white coat appeared and said something in Italian. Meanwhile I got the pills. They were $105 for 30 pills. It raised my awareness of our health costs in the U.S. when there is no insurance available.
Additionally Alyn picked up some salty licorice — one of her favorites.

We had a nice casual dinner out by the pool.
There is some interesting Jewish history here. They settled here in the mid 14th century and thrived.

One of the two entrances to the old town, the tower called Porta Terra (or alternatively the Jewish Tower), was built by money collected from prosperous Jews. The entire Jewish community was then expelled in 1492.

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