Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandria is a beautiful city inhabited by beautiful people. We hired a taxi with an (almost) English speaking driver and had him drive us all over town. What a delightful day.


Unlike Syria (where we had just visited), it was clean, vibrant, and full of life. Named after Alexander the Great, this city has a population of 6,000,000 and is an interesting mixture of old and new. Their library is world famous beautiful modern architecture.  The port facilities are lovely. Egypt’s last king, Farouk, lived at Montazah Palace here until 1952.


Culturally it is, of course, very Muslim, and at noon daily, virtually everything stops for prayer. Although I am not thrilled with my picture, it was telling to see the modern girls walking hand in hand with their boyfriend in modern garb, but also with proper, yet modern, head covering.  There are no automatic stop lights. The lights are manned individually.


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