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Yesterday afternoon it was good-bye San Francisco. In four days it will be good morning Honolulu.


Allyn wrote a couple friends who wanted to know what we do for so long on a ship. Here is the email she sent:


So today is a “Sea Day” and world travelers LOVE sea days.


At 9Am on sea days I am signed up for Pilates, meaning I wake up at 8AM!!  Yippee!!


Today I am missing a 10:30 lecture on the Middle East, cuz I am writing you and organizing.  But no worries, the lecture can be seen on the TV this afternoon.


Next, when Apple upgraded, it changed from iPhoto to Photo, a program I do NOT like.  There is a 3 week class specifically to discuss the difference between the two programs that I will sign up for at 1:30.


Then at 2:15, there is a needlepoint class.  You might think that is weird, however..long story coming..Janet loves her Rhodesian Ridgeback, a big beautiful dog.  I love him too.  SO last year, I took a pic of the dog, edited it and sent it to a company in order to have a silk screen made of the pic.  Then I got a needlepoint company to send me the colored threads for the silk screen.  I brought the project on the ship because my goal is to complete the present in 3 months.


Next, at 3:30, I am taking a memoir class, but the real reason I am taking the class is because I am writing a book about being a woman in a man’s world.  I have the outline but I need help and I’m friends with the teacher so that will give me the added umph to get a writing schedule going!


Tonight is Formal Night, meaning everyone gets all dressed up  Dinner is at 8:30 and then there is a singing troupe that is onboard with some fabulous singers and dancers.  They are putting on a show at 10:30PM all about the Life and Times of Billy Joel so you can see, I’m pretty busy!


Gotta run!!



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