Washington D.C. Day 2, 2022

The SPY Museum was both fascinating and entertaining.

They have many exhibits showing about intelligence gathering through the years.

I didn’t realize how important intelligence was during the Revolutionary War. Washington’s army was under-trained, under-staffed, under-equipped, and under-funded compared to the British.

Allyn loves these goofy photo ops. I’m not sure what it has to do with spying.  

All Holocaust museums are graphic and disturbing, but IMPORTANT!. Our travels have taken us to many of them as well as  actual concentration/death camps around the world. The terrific U.S. Holocaust Museum is almost 30 years old now and has been visited by over 47 million people.


I am convinced if every American would visit it, then we would live in a much safer, welcoming, and understanding society.

One thing that really hit home with this visit was how difficult for people to leave Germany during the 30s and that includes to both Britain and the U.S. We not only have always had quotas, but things did not loosen up during the Holocaust. In 1938, more than 300,000 Germans —mostly Jewish refugees —had applied for U.S. Visas, yet just over 20,000 applications were approved. That didn’t even fill the quota because so many were totally destitute and that disqualified them.

Walking home we passed the Washington Monument and had a good shot of the difference in stone they used. It turns out that in 1854 they ran out of construction funds which stopped construction for 25 years. Later the original quarry was depleted, and a close match was found elsewhere. Over the years the differentiation has become more obvious.

Finally Allyn and I took a close up gander of the White House at the end of our walk.

We enjoy Indian restaurants and were excited to learn many feel the very  best in the country is Rasika. We certainly were not disappointed.


Walking home again (10,000+ steps today), we saw the infamous Ford’s Theatre and the house directly across the street where Lincoln died.

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  1. Karen Vonier says:

    Another educationally day…… Allyn would make a great spy. Cried when I saw the house where Lincoln died!
    Glad it ended with a festive dinner! 👍👏

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