Tooting Around London

Of course it was a bummer busting out of the poker tournament on day 2, but it gave us a chance to toot around London for a few days. It reminds me a lot of New York, with every street having its own flavor.
When not walking we like to take subways. It’s part of the flavor here.

We saw Chicago, one the best Musicals ever. It was a big hit in the mid 70s in both New York and London, and reopened in the mid 90s in both cities. It just doesn’t quit. I hardly slept at all.

We scored 5th row center seats.

We went to the Science Museum. I saw Apollo 10. Spaceships are always fun.

I love how museums now have interactive exhibits for us kids.

Walking around we saw a place called Barry House. I couldn’t pass up that picture.

I’m thinking of making a book some day on stupid room design. Allyn could barely reach our safe. She had no shot of seeing into it.

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