Tonopah to Las Vegas (Home)

Nobody would say the ride home from Tonopah to Las Vegas is gorgeous. That being the case, we decided to seek out some interesting sites and things.

Goldfield was a big time mining town. You don’t have to visit a museum to see old or interesting things here. I’m sorry that we did not stay longer.  The building is actually a current private residence. 
The International Car Forest of the Last Church is totally fascinating as well as bizarre and unique.
We headed over to Angel’s, but they were closed. Somebody left his plane here.
Beatty is the closest city to Area 51, the super secret highly classified Air Force facility. Many UFO stories center around this area.
Rhyolite, just a few miles away, is a well know ghost town. This old Union Pacific caboose was a gas station for a while.
Nearby is an open air museum featuring works by Albert Szukalski, He was best known as the sculptor of works that the artist termed “ghosts”. He actually came here in 1984 to create his own “Last Supper”.
Just like normal tourists, at Amargosa Valley we saw the world’s largest firecracker. 
Meanwhile I was getting hungry and couldn’t find a restaurant in Amargosa Valley. It turns out Area 51 Alien Center is a restaurant. (I learned that when researching it later). Oh well. Since now we were only about 90 miles from home, we just skipped lunch.
After almost three months, it is home sweet home.
Next up will be our Allyn and Barry awards for Best of Road Trip.

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