Three Champions and Me

It’s fun hanging with champions.

Dwight Edwin Stones is an American television commentator and a two-time Olympic bronze medalist and former three-time world record holder in the men’s high jump. During his 16-year career, he won 19 national championships.

John Naber, also a sports commentator was America’s most highly decorated Olympian at the 1976 Games in Montreal earning four gold medals in swimming, each in world record time. He was the first swimmer in history to earn two individual medals on the same day of Olympic competition, and earned the Sullivan Award as America’s top amateur athlete of 1977.

And everybody knows Allyn Jaffrey Shulman. She won this year’s World Cruise Games Gold Medal for Scrabble, defending her many previous titles for same. Currently she is pointing towards her next, equally important event, Sudoku.

She was presented her gold medal by Wyomia Thus,a four-time Olympic Gold Medalist and holder of many world records.

Me? I’ll try Freecell when it comes around.

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