The World Famous Platters

Tonight “The World Famous Platters” entertained us.
They advertise that two of the group have been with them for over 25 years. That is interesting but only takes us back to the 80s.
But they started in the 50s and these were not The Platters that we saw in Las Vegas a year ago.
I did some research. It turns out there are no fewer than 12 different Platters groups touring now and there have been about 20.
Through the years there have been many lawsuits resulting in certain people claiming and owning the name, as opposed to others who own certain rights to various songs and other things.
That is interesting but not an issue with me. Not unlike the Vegas group, this group sounded outstanding and their performance was the best we have had since opening night when we had both Jay Leno and The Beach Boys.
p.s. One of The Platters plays in our poker game here and said he reads Card Player all the time.

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