The Pirates Win

All of a sudden the Somali pirates are more active, the US Navy is fighting back, and we are detouring. I’m always up for a good fight – except when real guns are involved.

Just this week our Navy has confronted a dozen or so suspected Somali pirates in two separate incidents.

There has been controversy about the treatment. Once it was determined that the pirates would no longer be able to carry out attacks, Navy officials sunk their largest skiff and sent them away.

They are treated like small fish that fisherman put back in the water. The Navy says that they are criminals (agree) and that national security is not at stake (agree).

The reality is that small bands of determined criminals with little to lose and a lot to gain are causing havoc.

We have been forced to cancel our stops in Mombasa and Zanzibar because of the danger of traveling west from the Seychelles.

Instead we are headed south for stops in Mauritius and Reunion. Then we will head around the south end of Madagascar to pick up South Africa and be back on schedule.

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