The Syracuse Sheraton is our home for the next couple of days. It’ s not exactly 5 star. You can tell because of things like disposable cups in the bathroom and no doorman. 

On the other hand, the people are extremely friendly and the service has been extraordinary. The front desk people are happy and answer all questions (they don’t have concierges in these type hotels) with a smile, accurately, and immediately print out map quest maps.
We are right across the street from Syracuse University, which is why we are here. Allyn’s son Julian is starting Syracuse Law School and we are helping him settle in. The hotel is jammed. It seems that others have the same idea.

Here we are at the initial orientation and Julian already is regaling a group of girls with his stories.
I don’t know much about their law school, but must admit I was quite impressed when I heard that well over 90% of last year’s graduates already have jobs. That seems good in this economy. I liked that I heard they feel it is part of their total job of training young people to be professionals.
Julian is 22. He was born and raised and college educated in Southern California. He is in for a MAJOR weather change. And they say that my hometown, Seatte, has bad weather. Let me give you some annual comparisons:
Precipitation days:  Syracuse – 171;  Seattle – 151  
Days below freezing:  Syracuse – 136;  Seattle – 19  
Snow (inches):  Syracuse – 115;  Seattle – 7  
Clear days:  Syracuse – 11;  Seattle – 71 

Dinner was at the Dinosaur BBQ. The line to wait was an hour but worth it. Some people think this is the best BBQ in the country. It is at least the best in Syracuse.

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