Sydney, Australia 2019

Just approaching Sydney is excitement in itself.

It’s difficult to find a city nicer than Sydney. We are talking the people, water, old buildings, excitement and even food.

Here we have Allyn’s favorite (retail) mall in the world – Queen Victoria Building. Located inside are so many high end stores with items just not found elsewhere.

And in the mall is her favorite store, an Italian designer shop, via Condotti. She is a sucker for matchy matchy and bling. Maybe I am the sucker?

It’s even fun watching the underage rappers in the middle of the street. I’m sorry I did not take a video. They were great.

Doris Wineman, a beautiful, lovely, old time cruise friend was kind enough to invite us to dinner tonight to celebrate her 78th birthday. Somebody was shocked she mentioned her age and she responded that she is thrilled to be here and be 78. Classy lady.

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