Sushi Nazi

It seems like everybody has seen the hilariously famous Seinfeld episode called the “Soup Nazi”.

Well, Honolulu has its own “Sushi Nazi” in a very renown sushi bar called Sasabune. They have a fixed menu called omakase that just keeps coming course after course until you give up. Kinda like dim sum but you eat what they want you to eat, when they want you to eat it and how they want you to eat it. At the end you pay (lots) by the course.

They will tell you whether and what to use for dipping or not and insist that the sushi is eaten in one bite.

The only redeeming feature for those who don’t like being told what to do, is that the food is outstanding. So much thought goes into what fish (flown in fresh from all over the world daily), paired with what rice, what sauce and what seasoning.

Don’t try ordering a California roll.

They have now expanded to L.A. and NYC.

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