Our first port of call this cruise was Stockholm. It is really a beautiful place built on 14 islands.

It is one those cities that is most beautiful when arriving or departing by ship. It is part of an archipelago comprising about 24,000 islands.

We were thrilled with the clear skis and cool weather coming from the summer heat of Las Vegas and then followed up on the Italian and French Rivieras.

Even though London wasn’t hot, we spent most of our time inside because of the poker tournament.

As usual we took the opportunity to dine in town since it was an overnight port. Even though it is a hot spot for gourmet dining (it has several Michelin starred restaurants) we opted against fancy French or fancy anything.

Dinner was at Fem Sma Hus (five small houses), a restaurant in a house that was built in the 1650s.

Instead we enjoyed a traditional Swedish meal including herring three ways, Swedish cheese, reindeer (it tastes like short ribs), fresh halibut and desert with cloudberries.


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