Silversea Cruises

Our collective experiences with Silverseas has been so consistently bad that I must use a complete blog to give specifics.
They market themselves as THE premium line, with the best service, food and luxury. Because of their intimacy they do not claim to have great large entertainment troops.
My credentials are that I have been on about 100 cruises, on 35 ships and 16 different cruise lines, including all of their direct competitors.
Service – All major luxury lines have better service, including the larger ones such as Regent and Crystal.
Food – All major luxury lines have better food. Their food was terrible, not just bad. It ranged from the lousy hamburger on the pool deck, to the food in the main dining room. The evening poolside barbecue was great weather-wise, but the meat was almost uneatable.
Ambiance – Their ships are not elegant or even luxurious looking, even when compared to other small passenger high-end ships.
Entertainment – Small luxury ships never have been able to compete with the larger luxury ships for entertainment because of the cost per person. However, Silverseas has no excuse for having bad piano players, bad background music, and their small dance troupe was bad.
Three times I have tried them, on three different ships. Never again.

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