Ship Mechanical Problems

We are cruising at a snail’s pace because of mechanical problems. This will cut the next port from a two-day visit to one. Avoidable? I wonder.
Over the last few of years, there have been huge visible cutbacks obvious to regular Regent cruisers. Clearly this is why they are fleeing rapidly to other cruise lines.
Quality and quantity of entertainment is down, lecturer quality is down, food quality and assortment is way down, staff seems to be down (although the ship management denies it).
They have no clergy onboard anymore.
They still do have room for the Park West Galleries people though. This organization is infamous for customer complaints, and has been in many lawsuits. Other cruise lines have fired them. Not Regent.
They have cancelled special events.
Last year, I mentioned the gym equipment was getting tired. It is even worse now.
The terrific staff is so overworked they cannot attend to passengers properly.
Internet is down way more than normal and acceptable, even for cruise ships. We get lots of stories about waiting for some software fix, land problems, part problems, and other problems.
Way too often the water is brown. Try washing with that.
I have been on over 70 cruises, spanning decades, without major breakdowns. Is this a fluke or just another example of Regent cutting back, not maintaining, and not replacing? I don’t know and really don’t care.
It really is not my problem or issue, unless I let it become my problem by repeating with them.
It’s still fun though.

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