Stop two this summer was Saint-Tropez on the French Riviera.

We are right at the end of the very high season and the weather has been perfect. It seems like we heard as much Italian being spoken as French.

Everyday I get fewer euros per dollar. Last year it went the other way. Since I am not a currency expert, I’ll just keep exchanging dollars as needed.

We stayed at Residence de la Pinede. Like our Positano hotel in Italy, it is a member of The Leading Small Hotels of the World.

I’m really starting to like this boutique hotel concept. Everybody knows your name, there are never any chits to sign, and they even do things like hand you your reserved favorite newspaper at breakfast (without being asked).

However, perhaps the bathroom design could have had a bit more thought.

Americans often have the feeling that the French walk around with a stick up their butt. You do not see that here, and believe me, if one was there you definitely could see it. (That is very funny in case you missed it.)


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