Ryugado Caves in Kochi, Japan 2023


It’s always fun visiting caves, and Ryugado was no disappointment. It’s about 4KM long with maybe 25% open to the public.

On the way there we passed many rice fields.

The cherry blossom trees were in full bloom.

Not unlike other caves we have visited, there were plenty of stalactites (from top down) and stalagmites (from bottom up) to view.

It is definitely the narrowest, slipperiest, steepest (800 steps), most claustrophobic cave we have ever been in. The ground is uneven and the ceiling extremely low in places. You can see why we had so much fun. 😊

It has been a national monument since 1934 because of its beauty and over 100 animal types who make home here. It is so old that it predates the dinosaurs. This old pot is about 2500 years old.

Toilet factoid – We have been in Japan over two weeks now and have visited restrooms all over the country. Without exception every single one has been immaculate. Also, without exception not one has had any method for hand drying after washing.

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  1. Karen Vonier says:

    All is well that ends well!
    Thanks for sharing ALL the adventures!
    Now it’s time to get ready for poker, right?

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