Roy’s Restaurant, Las Vegas

You often hear around town that Las Vegas has the largest Hawaiian population outside of the state of Hawaii.  As such, in this desert oasis, there’s no shortage of Hawaiian themed restaurants. A strong candidate for the best has got to be Roy’s.

James Beard award winner Chef Roy Yamaguchi opened his first restaurant in Honolulu in 1988. Today, he has over 37 restaurants around the world, and is the standard bearer for Hawaiian Fusion cuisine. Blending food and the “aloha” spirit in a dynamic way, European techniques and Asian cuisine create a fine dining experience unlike any other. 

And the food? You won’t find better fish in Las Vegas any place. The plates look amazing and taste even better. What more, the service is consistently excellent, with a straight from the heart aloha style which always puts the the guests’ needs first.
JetSetWay tip – Often Allyn and I go there just for sushi and invite the chefs to make what they please. They seem to enjoy this and invent rolls that are not on the menu, or any other menu for that matter.

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