Rounding Cape Horn, At Sea; Cruise Day 25

What a day. We started out with an enjoyable presentation by another new buddy, Don Shula.
Other than that, I worked out twice and was captivated taking in Tierra del Fuego. It might seem corny, but I have never been near here and it seems sooooo distant. We saw whales, albatrosses and many other birds. At 6:15 p.m. we sailed around Cape Horn. I cannot describe how exciting that is.
We are only a bit over 600 miles from Antarctica. It is 49 degrees, and totally clear here today (which is quite unusual).
It is hard to imagine how dangerous it can be here. Our captain pointed out that it took Captain Cook two months to get around The Horn. Captain Bligh actually gave up and went around Africa to get to Polynesia.
We are exactly where the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans meet, which creates major turbulence.
By the way, Horn is an Island.

Allyn took a different tact today. She did about every possible activity, which among other things included presentations, dance lessons, formal tea time, trivial pursuit and bingo.
Life is grand.

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