Rio de Janeiro (day 2); Cruise Day 15

Christ the Redeemer – This is one big, truly awesome statue. We planned our morning around a visit here. Our trip involved driving to a train, then about a 25-minute trip, 2,300 feet up a mountain.

The picture above is an optical illusion, as the statue is actually 120 feet tall, and 78 years old.

The view of Rio from here is unsurpassed! At least that’s what they told us, and that’s we saw on pictures there. In reality, it was too cloudy to see anything.
The Necklace – Next up was a trip back to the jeweler. I’ll save that for tomorrow. It deserves its own blog.

The Bridge – It is always special to be invited to anything which involves the Captain. This morning was extra special, as we were invited to the bridge to view the sail away.

Always fun to look at the charts and maps, and listen to the walkie-talkie conversations. Steering these huge ships is quite easy these days. The new ships have propeller pods, which can be turned 360 degrees. The ship can literally go sideways.

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