Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

We arrived Quebec City for an overnight with the highlight for 16 of us being an ultra deluxe tour that started with a horse and carriage ride and tour to the famous Chateau Frontenac to “enjoy an exquisite four-course seasonal gourmet dinner, complemented by the appropriate wine.”

Because of inclement weather they said that they needed to switch limousine service.  OK, but we all showed up to hear that limos were out but town cars would take us. Also OK, but then they said it was taxi transportation. Again OK, but they kept us waiting an hour on the gangway and then a bus showed up. No guide either.

It turns out the important Chateau Frontenac is just a hotel built by Canadian Pacific Railroad in 1893 to attract tourists. It worked on us!

The elegant four-course meal was a fixed 3-course meal with terrible selections.

Finally after uniform uproar they gave us other selections that actually were quite good.  Their “appropriate wine” we found on the Internet retailing for $6.35 a bottle. They allowed seconds though. Not too many takers.

What do you want for $339 a person? Allyn is in charge of discussions with management today.

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