Naples, FL

Years ago, when my friend Bruce told me that he was from Naples I said “Wow!” He laughed and said, “Not that Naples; Naples, Florida.” I had never even heard of it. Now that I have been there, I give it a double Wow. It could be the most elegant city I have ever seen.

Even driving there was beautiful.


Upon seeing the entrance to our RV Park we were blown  away. It looked like a private golf club. It clearly was the most beautiful I have ever seen. No beat up old campers here.

The 5th Avenue shopping area is stunning and loaded with high-end local luxury stores, restaurants, and galleries.

It seems that Allyn needed yet another hat to add to her collection. Given that she can’t pack it and it won’t fit in the overhead bin on the airplane, I wonder how she will get it home. Not my issue.

We were already in awe with the amazing residences and then visited the Port Royal area. The beautiful Port Royal community is littered with $20 Million homes. Most are waterfront homes on many canals.

We ate out both nights here. One was in a funky fun place located at Tin City and one in an elegant Waterfront restaurant called T. Michaels. Both were great.



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  1. Colleen Lynch Rahn says:

    Well the hat looks amazing, you wear it well

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