My friendÕs yacht; home for a week

How lucky am I. A friend not only is lending me her 76 foot crewed yacht for a week, but had a limousine pick us up for the three hour drive from Avignon this morning to St. Tropez where the yacht is moored.

The size is perfect for up to six passengers in the three staterooms down below. On the main deck is the galley and an indoor living room/dining room area and an additional outdoor table. The third deck has another table and comfortable lounging areas both mid deck and on the bow.

We headed down the road by taxi to the village of Port Grimaud for dinner. Most French restaurants have a choice of a menu which is three or five courses or a la carte. The menu will have selections for each course and is a relatively inexpensive way to go if you want an entire meal. All over Europe the house wines are reasonable and quite good. The prices of the house wines tend to be in line with the prices of the menu. That is – fancy meal equals fancy wine.

Please do not confuse reasonably priced with inexpensive. With the dollar as weak as it is and given that we are at the height of the tourist season, prices are crazy high. Depending on your outlook, no matter how wealthy you are, prices may bother you to the point of ruining some of your travel enjoyment.

Tip – This may sound silly but when you see pricing quoted in Euros or pounds just pretend they are dollars.

Tip 2 – Check exchange rates. Hotels are the worst.

Tip 3 – Charge as much as possible. The rates are very good although the credit card companies are now charging a fee. It does allow you to carry less cash though.

Tip 4 – If you want to save a few bucks then do not eat right on the water, go to less trendy spots which may be right next door. Really the trick then would be to stay away from places like St. Tropez during summer, but that is not the JETSETWAY.

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