Mekong local day, Vietnam 2016



From Saigon we took an all day back road trip to really see how local rural people are living these days. Virtually nothing has changed.

We stopped at Go Cong local market. It was jammed and we were the only Caucasians in sight. They loved us taking their pictures.

The little chickies are sold to produce fresh eggs.





Many of the fish are in water and still splashing.





We drove to Tan Hoa motor scootering through remote farm villages.





Rice is the main crop, but there has been much devastation since China continues damming the river upstream.



We visited goat farms.





We saw duck farms.





We even saw bird’s nest farms.  Bird’s nest soup is made using the nests from the swiftlet bird, whose nests are made from its own gummy saliva which hardens when exposed to air.





After we took a boat ride on the Mekong River.






Then it was a small sampan ride on the Amazon-like Tan Thach creek.

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