Lowell’s Restaurant and Bar, Seattle

If you want to eat at a casual, non-fancy place actually in the Pike Place Market, then Lowell’s might be for you.

It’s been in business over 50 years and is still going strong. There are different rooms with different (relative) ambiance and options. They call themselves “almost classy” which is a stretch, but it is a kick and the food is perfect for what it is.

You can order on floor one and either eat there, or on the third floor which is a nicer spot. They bring the food up to you and it doesn’t take long at all.

The second floor has table service and a great bar along with the view. I was quite impressed with Manny’s ale which was new to me.

I’m a major clam chowder fan. It is very good at Lowell’s compared to virtually all others around the country. But great chowder is the norm for Seattle. The burgers here are also great. The blackened salmon tacos in a corn tortilla work well for those who like a Mexican flair.

Breakfast is actually supposed to be their best meal. I hope to try that next time around. Visit them online at www.EatAtLowells.com.

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