London, August, 2015

Long time JSW readers probably are tired of my saying how great London is, but it is.


We stopped by here just for two nights after the cruise to get our fix, to say nothing about our Virgin Upper Class flight using mileage.

We have been fortunate in staying in so many great hotels here, but we are set now. We are at the Covent Garden Hotel smack dab in the most fun part of town. It has all the plusses with none of the minuses. For example it is tiny hotel where they know everybody, yet they have a full gym and food 24/7. Our room, even though right on the street, is absolutely silent.



No stay in London is complete without theatre. Tonight was Gypsy. Imelda Staunton, who plays Rose, will win this year’s Olivier (London’s Tony) for Best Actress in a Musical. You heard it here first. I will report back, either way, in the spring when the official results come out.


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