London, 2015 (2)

Today was very special indeed. Allyn’s close longtime friend and legal colleague, Arlene Speiser, joined us today and will be taking the cruise around the British Isles with us.

Although their friendship spans three decades and they have remained close and in contact, due to circumstances they haven’t seen each other in over ten years. It was truly a heartfelt reunion for them.

Dinner was at Bentley’s, considered by many the best Oyster House and Seafood Bar in London.

Some oyster Facts – Native oysters here are consumed September thru April (months with Rs in them) and come in sizes 1, 2 and 3. One is the biggest. Even 3s are bigger than we generally get in the States and they tend to be firm and succulent here.

Pacific, aka rock oysters were introduced here in 1926, take two years instead of four to mature and can be eaten all year.

My take is that they are good, but not as good.


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