Ketchikan, Alaska; Cruise Day 120

It rains 350 days a year here, with measurable precipitation in excess of 160 inches (13.3 feet).  Today was drizzly most of the time.
However, that certainly did not take away from our experience.
Along with three other people, we flew on a floatplane to Misty Fjords National Monument and actually stopped in the water for a while before returning. Perhaps you are getting tired of me saying this but it was so beautiful and serene.
The monument is called Yosemite of the North because of similar geology, but it is three times bigger (with 2.3 million acres of pristine wilderness).
The cliffs rise up as sheer rock, with or without trees, for 2,000 – 3,000 feet, and plunge straight down to a depth about 1,000 feet.

Remember the bridge to nowhere that was going to cost $400 million, which Palin supported as governor then stopped supporting as a Vice – Presidential candidate? This is a picture of the road to nowhere that was built for $26 million to connect to the bridge to nowhere.

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