Kayamandi Township, Cape Town area, South Africa

We spent the entire day in Kayamandi. It was a total eye opener.

During the Apartheid era, blacks were required to live in self-contained mini-cities called townships.

Now most blacks still live in townships here, but for financial reasons.

Kayamandi, like most others has two areas. One area has small homes with electricity, water, bathrooms, and telephones. There’s a street address on each house, and residents can receive mail.

The balance of the area is comprised of shacks. Kayamandi has about 30,000 people living there.

Although we were the only whites we even saw in there, we felt totally safe.

The kids were all smiles, totally clean and very friendly.

Adults smiled and howdied us. Many invited us in to their tidy shacks.

Never was there even a negative glance.

Unfortunately they have 35% unemployment and huge HIV problems. The oldest man in the community is only 69.

There was absolutely no stench of either garbage or urine.

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